Global Peace Missions, Inc.

(Federal Tax-Exempt Non-profit Organization)


To see a group of communities with high level of awareness, knowing what it takes to accomplish individuals’ specific goals, and working to raise living standards.


To create opportunities for families to realize their potentials in all aspects of human endeavor through the application of principles and best practices.


To help individuals stand on their feet.

To sensitize members of our communities.

To show the lost the way to success.

To create awareness in our communities.

To help people start businesses.

To expose opportunities to everyone.

To mentor those who need mentoring.


Business Proposals


Computer Training

English as a Second Language

Basics of Globalization

Community Talent Shows

Community Television Programming


Support Opportunities


You are encouraged to give towards these life-changing programs.


You are encouraged to find out what is available for the alleviating of needs.


You are encouraged to volunteer your time and talent so we can serve better.


You are encouraged to inform us of any opportunities that we can use to help.

Community Partners

Community Empowerment and Support

Global Peace Missions Programs

Community OutReach Assistance Services (CORA’S)

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