Igbos About Losing Their ASPAMDA Market in Lagos

The Plight of Biafrans In Nigeria

(Solutions Needed Now!)

NOTE: Three are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria: The Yoruba, The Igbo, and The Arewa.

The Igbos migrate to all parts of Nigeria to establish businesses. One of the major business estaablishments belonging to the Igbos is the ASPAMDA Market (Auto Spare Parts and Machinery Dealers Association) worth about N11 billion.
The Lagos State Government has just shut down the market because the Igbos of not supporting the ruling party in Lagos State.

Global Peace Missions, Incorporated (GPMI) is a non-profit organization based in the United States. This organization does not participate in politics. The mission of this organization to participate in peace missions. In recognition of the dire situation being faced by the Igbo entrepreneurs, Global Peace Missions, Incorporated has opened a file to take peace-related steps to secure lives and properties of the endangered traders.

Any ASPAMDA trader whose business is under threat relating to the goverment shut-down of ASPAMDA Market should take the following steps to enable Global Peace Missions, Inc. assist in securing their enterprises:
Send GPMI a scanned copy of his or her property (business or personal, commercial or residential).
Email: info@globalpeacemissions.org
WhatsApp Message: (919) 264-7882
In Nigeria: WhatsApp Message: +2349080970736

GPMI will secure the photocopies in case the owner loses the original documents. The owners should endeavor to save the original document in the best ways the owner can.
In extreme situations, especially if the owners lose their original documents, GPMI will supply the individuals with the copies such individuals deposited with GPMI.

Now you have an opportunity to expose your child or your children to all above positive reinforcement programs. Some of the activities will involve:

Contact us for any clarification you might need regarding the above lifeline. Also visit this site regularly in order to know the upcoming events, as they will begin to be listed here for your benefit. We are at your disposal.

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