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Agricultural Extension Program
Economic Self-help Program
Campaign Against HIV/AIDS
Slum Transformation Program
Rural Repopulation Program
Critical Economic Skills Training

Global Peace Missions, Inc. is soliciting prospective partners to pilot some development projects in and around Kenyan communities. The problems being addressed include, and not limited to job creation, family planning, campaign against hunger, urban migration and facilitator training and development. There is a gaping hole in the system that demands a concerted effort in fighting against the ills already identified. Finding partners for this project has been daunting because of funding challenges.

We are, therefore, simultaneously focusing on the critical health issues that have continuously affected the bread-winning population. The presence of the working and able-bodied personnel will more than enhance the performance of the system. We, therefore, want to enlist the support of willing individuals, corporations, banks and government agencies to make this crusade a success as a matter of emergency.

We have identified a group of university students and personnel that are working very hard in line with the objectives of our organization’s Kenyan projects.

Any individuals or groups that would like to participate in this auspicious effort should contact the Chief Projects Coordinator, indicating what they are willing to do.

Focus Group

EMMANUEL UNIVERSITY (Online Education experts).

Project Areas

Global Peace Missions Coordination Post is ready and staffed by our Africa Charities Coordinator. Please indicate your interest to participate. Please keep abreast of our international activities by visiting our Facebook page. Also please come with your ideas or your contribution. Our Newsletter is available upon request.

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