(Global Peace Missions, Inc. is seeking organizations to be involve in the establishment of a Center that will speak to today’s average North Carolinian worker in most industries. This proposal became necessary as a result of the spate of retrenchments around the country. We yearn for something to be done about these retrenchments now, especially as the life and well-being of many displaced workers and their families will come to depend on this proposal. This is especially crucial because the economy is still under the weather. The vision here is for a concrete program that will ensure the survival of ailing and displaced professionals. The success of this vision will depend on resources that are already available within your system. This comprises of personal computers, other equipment and funds towards this program. Some families are already wondering and asking themselves where their next meals will come from. We look forward to your interest in helping pull this program through to get the displaced workers ready for restoration to their applicable active duties. We are available to execute this program).


Center For Development Workshop

Center For Displaced Workforce

This proposal addresses the gradual slide into depression that the national economic community is currently witnessing. It is based on practical events rather than economic, political or management theories. This program should be perceived as a revelation of potential status quo, and subsequently an offer of a panacea. The situation that has necessitated this proposal calls for urgent response. The expectation of this program is to turn displaced workforce around, equip them better than they ever were, and hand them back to their former or new employers.


Some years ago, the economy showed signs of weakness in many areas. Some companies engaged in amalgamations, mergers, acquisitions, sell-outs, shut-downs, slim-downs, shed-weights, etc. These had tremendous impact on their employees. Those employees constituted the mainstay of the community life in and around the State. Families suffered untold hardships. Below are some of the results of the downward trend:

United Airlines is reducing its operations out of various airports.
Northwest Airlines has laid off ten thousand employees.
Alcatel is implementing a shut down of some of operations.
IBM in RTP slimmed down raising the hammer over about five thousand employees.
American Airlines laid off part of its workforce, and North Carolina has many casualties in that exercise.
Continental Airlines laid off more than fifteen thousand employees.
The other airlines are not left out, as their plight is industry-wide.
Furthermore, Lucent Technology relocated to Boston, laid off all its North Carolina employees.
AMD PC Chip maker has queued up twenty per cent of its workforce for lay-off.
Boeing’s 50,000 employees are also queued up for lay-off.
There are several other companies in that boat.

On September 11, 2001, in one single event, within a couple of hours, a major catastrophe hit the nation, the business community, the federal government, our state governments, our families, several overseas governments, companies and families. Consequently, additional shut-down of operations are taking place. In all this, a lot more people are forced out of those corporate doors.

On September 12, 2001, Midway Airlines that was already walking the corridors of the bankruptcy court closed its doors for good because it was meaningless keeping those doors open. The result was that the employees, whose hopes were gradually rising, had those hopes dashed in one second. Thank Goodness, a life line has come its way.


The national mood is mixed up. There are debates in many circles regarding which way to go. The business community is absorbing more and more perforations, punches and bumps. Consumer confidence is drastically eroded. Patriotism is psychologically high, but demonstrably low, as evidenced by the mixed feeling regarding retaliation to terrorists. Fear is gripping various segments – fear of different kinds of terrorist attacks and warfare. In all this, lay-off is increasing instead of decreasing. There are already many people in the streets. If the retrenchments are allowed to continue, there will soon be a new problem – the need to contain lawlessness. Many families are already unable to put food on the table. Unemployment figures are rising. The stock market is witnessing ups and downs, and consequently unpredictable. The national focus has dramatically changed to grave national issues.


The focus of this proposal is to begin as urgently as possible to harness displaced workforce for the purpose of creating a sense of direction for the individuals in a corporate atmosphere. This will entail huge sacrifice, first on the part of the state government, then on the part of any individuals that volunteer to carry out this onerous task. A cursory cost-benefit analysis shows that the positives far outweigh the negatives if and when it is carried out. This program has identified a dedicated core group that will take this bull by the horn. It will provide a platform for the commencement of recovery for both the individuals and the state in the area of unemployment rates. The medium-term plan of this program is to become economically self-sustaining. Besides, the program will, as a matter of mission and objective, vigorously pursue job-hunting for the registered individuals, alerting applicable companies of available suitable materials that they could employ.

Game Plan

For purposes of definition, Displaced Workforce here refers to all residents of North Carolina State that have been laid off, retrenched, terminated or otherwise declared unemployable either temporarily or permanently. For the purpose of this proposal, such people have faith in their abilities to earn a decent living either by being re-employed or engaged in a career or occupation in which they can earn a living outside regular employment.

It is the plan of this program to organize the displaced workers into a psychological corporate setup. This plan will give them the required continuity while waiting for possible job opportunities.

They will come in every morning to program site.
They will be tested to determine their employability.
Their individual proficiency levels will be determined.
They will be given breakfast first thing in the morning.
They will receive task instructions aimed at increasing their exposure.
They will receive instructions aimed at exposing them to new technology, etc.
They will receive training in various fields of their interest.
They will be served lunch at break time.
They will go back to work through the day, and go home after a closing meal.
This way, they will not have to worry about food. They will be able to concentrate on the training and on the motivational series aimed at rebuilding their psychological make-up.

This will be an ongoing program to keep the North Carolina wheel of progress constantly turning. Two hours every morning must be used in delivering Leadership Training to them. Companies will feel free to recall their laid-off employees. Other companies can hire from the pool. Individuals that become strong can venture out on their own and still receive FREE help from the program. If retrenchments stop, the program can stop, unless a new need is identified, and then the program can redefine itself in order to help.

Method Of Operation

Acceptance into the program will be primarily on the basis of lay-off or retrenchment. Original letter of lay-off will be verified and the subject will be absorbed into the program. Displaced Workforce is known to have no income coming in. This program will, therefore, become a labor bank or pool. The inmates are kept in a state of readiness for interviews. The program will maintain regular and necessary contact with all companies in the area, acquainting them with the classes of employees registered in the program. Such companies will have the privilege of coming in to observe activities. They will be in a position to recommend to the program their specific requirements for candidates they can employ (or reabsorb, in the case of laid-off staff). The program will incorporate such requirements in the training and retraining of the inmates, thereby making them meet for such employers. The program will conscientiously work to evoke Patriotism in the individuals. This will be achieved through a combination of Ethics Talks and paraphernalia of patriotism like the national anthem, the flag, the rich national economic geography and economic history, etc. The program will set goals for the inmates and monitor their work towards such goals. The program itself will have Short Term Plans, Medium Term Plans and Long Term Plans. The program has already developed a corps of volunteers that meet all conceivable educational, technical, professional, social and economic classifications. These volunteers will be available on schedule to perform definite functions towards the rehabilitation of displaced workforce on site. More volunteers are being scrutinized for the program. Training activities will be approached from coaching, teaching and tutoring angles. The areas to be covered include, and are not limited to the following:

Computer building, repair and maintenance
Web designing and publishing using different programs
Newspaper editing and publishing for community journalism
Book-keeping, Administrative and Secretarial service skills
Business Management, Marketing and Sales skills
Songwriting, Composing and Music production and Musicianship
Piano playing skills – sheet music and playing by the ear
Writing for newspapers and magazines
Novel Writing – Fiction and True Stories
Small Business Incubation
Moral Instructions and Ethics


This program requires a facility for its operation. An appropriate facility should have an auditorium and a few office rooms. Most of the daily activity will take place in the auditorium. The volunteer base is capable of helping up to ten thousand displaced workers from different companies. Initial intake will be subjectively pegged at one thousand people. This is especially because the program is aware of initial resource constraints.


Program Facility(Building)

There are properties that can be used for helping those that the picture here applies to. Properties that have enough space for a start. Properties that will be financially affordable, manageable and useable. There should be such properties on different locations that could be made available to this program, especially now that there are volunteers.

Budget for providing meals

A rough estimate of five dollars per meal and three meals per day translates to seventy-five dollars per five-day week per person – Monday through Friday. This further translates to a recurrent three hundred dollars per month per person, until the program expectedly begins to be self-sustaining.


Chalk boards
Personal Computers
Photocopy machine
Graph and Art papers
Fax machine
Telephone and other office automation items.


For an effective implementation, the program should not be put through bureaucratic process. It will fit in well as a Commission under the governor’s office. The writer volunteers to give full time to the program to initiate, execute and operate it. The writer of this proposal was a victim of the mass retrenchments taking place after the September 11, 2001 national tragedies. He worked for American Airlines before the incidents. In the course of his daily duties, right after the bombing of the World Trade Center, he spoke to several distressed airlines customers in the course of his official duties. Having been laid off, he decided to contribute this program to the state as his quota during these rough times for families of other retrenched workers. He has very good education and has worked for different companies at management level, and this is his first retrenchment experience. He has multiple skills in divers areas, and has been using those skills to help different communities. He is a member of two major professional bodies.


Project Facility $400,000
Transportation $100,000
Office Equipment $100,000
Six months administrative supplies $ 30,000
Honorarium to Facilitators $100,000
Six months incidentals $ 50,000
Monthly Meal Vouchers per person $300

* Based on the above table, the sum of seven hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars will give the program a foundation, allowing a six-month gestation period. It should be able to receive redundant computers, phone, fax, copier, etc. machines that would have been given out or sold as surplus. It should also be able to receive van(s) or bus(es), car(s) etc, depending on need. A $300 per month per person meal vouchers will depend on actual number of displaced employees enrolled in the program for a given month. This represents the structure of a program that is designed to be slim from beginning in order to target self-sustenance in the medium term. It also represents a sacrifice on the part of the operator(s), especially showing no earnings for them nor applicable cost centers. Enrolled people are expected to be weaned out within six months. Any support that is given to this project will impact several families in a highly positive way. Approval and support for this proposal, therefore, is hereby solicited. Please approve and release funds and other essential tools for this project to start. Donations of several computers will be highly appreciated. Several indigent families will receive them for hands-on exposure and quicker results.

Global Peace Missions, Inc