Community Living International

Extension Organization of Global Peace Missions, Inc

Community Living International is an arm of Global Peace Missions, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of opportunities for the less privileged to survive, and then excel, in various communities of the world.

We are dedicated to the uplifting of the down-trodden as well as those that cannot help themselves. These include children of K-12 levels, deprived men and women as well as the low-income groups. We operate in communities identified by our parent body, and we limit our activities to such specific communities.

We are dedicated to teaching them and nurturing their aspirations to fit into today's society through the acquisition and use of technology. In addition to that, we are dedicated to impart to them the knowledge of today's English Grammar requirements by teaching them Tenses, Verbs, First, Second, and Third person Singular and Plural.

These things make a great difference while walking the corridors of corporate America.

We facilitate their training in the following areas:

Use of the computer;
Piano and Organ skills;
Computer Keyboard skills/Typing;
Good Handwriting;
Writing Business Letters;
Story Writing;
Secretarial skills;
People skills;
Isaac Pitman Shorthand Writing;
Leadership skills;
Office Practice (Admin Assistants Training)

We also provide help in the following areas:

Repair of Computers
Individual E-mail addresses;
Typing of manuscripts of stories;
Working on Theses and Dissertation;
Research in various subjects;
Designing Web Pages;

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