Community Technology Center

Tax-Exempt - EIN: 94-3403302

Phone: 919-875-1718

We are a community-oriented non-profit organization with Federal Tax-exempt status granted. Our programs are multi-faceted, but our main focus is technology adaptability for the uplifting of the less advantaged in our society. In this regard, we seek to pursue the ideals of training and retraining of the technologically ill-equipped and financially incapacitated, to enable them fit into today's world and become assets instead of liabilities. Our tax-exempt status letter is available for your verification. We are currently assembling all retrenched workers in the greater Triangle area with a view to helping them get reorganized and either fit back in their regular occupations or acquire new occupational skills for a continuation of their lives. In order to achieve this, we have set aside a centrally located facility in the center of North Raleigh. We are also currently arranging to set up computer networks on that facility in order to help such members of our community get retrained through direct training and computer-based training, utilizing CD training programs as well as on-line resources. We have also put together a program for customization of individual training for fast-trackers. Global Peace Mission's local division, Community Living International, will exdcute the training and reorientation of the retrenched people that are being assembled. We will need donations of computers, office automation items and, possibly, funds to enable us carry out this huge project for our ailing an downsized community members. Your donations will be tax-deductible accordingly, and above all, it will greatly facilitate these very beneficial programs that would otherwise be above the reach of everyday people that need them. Please make your donations to Global Peace Missions, Inc. Our EIN and tax-exempt information are available for your purposes. Our web site also provides you with additional information. We look forward to your partnering with us in this quintessential project.

Grace Freds

Executive Director

Global Peace Missions, Inc