Global Peace Missions, Inc is a North Raleigh based community-oriented non-profit organization with Federal Tax-exempt status granted. Our programs are multi-faceted, but our main focus in our immediate local community is technology adaptation for the uplifting of the less advantaged in our society. In this regard, we seek to pursue the ideals of training and retraining of the technologically ill-equipped and financially incapacitated, to enable them fit into today's world and become assets instead of liabilities.

As a result of the present economic downturn, it has now become difficult for the many needy individuals and families to receive help from us in their technological development efforts. We are now compelled to seek leverage outside.

In order to continue helping members of our community, we are looking for 100 companies each of which will donate the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) towards our outstanding operating expenses. This donation will amount to five thousand dollars. We do not pay any salaries. All services are rendered through volunteers that have continued to give so much time and talent to our cause. This outstanding obligation has arisen due to unpaid operation bills. Since our volunteers are willing to continue without being paid, we would like to receive these tax-deductible donations to cover unpaid bills while making an ongoing effort towards becoming self-sustaining during this economic climate. By so doing, we will continue to be there for those that are supposed to benefit from our existence.

Kindly make your donation to Global Peace Missions, Inc., and mail the envelopes to the address below:

Global Peace Missions, Inc.

3607 Buffaloe Road

Raleigh, NC 27604

Attention: Grace Freds

We look forward to your kind involvement in the lives of our community members through a hearty donation to this cause. Your ideas as to how we can better serve our community with our technological know-how will be welcome. Please visit our web site for more information.

Yours Sincerely

Grace Freds, Ph.D.

(Executive Director

Lillian McNeill, M.A.

(Charitable Support Coordinator

Agatha Odo, B.Sc.

(Africa Charities Coordinator

Global Peace Missions, Inc