Global Peace Missions, Inc is a North Raleigh based community-oriented non-profit organization with Federal Tax-exempt status granted. Our programs are multi-faceted, but our main focus in our immediate local community is technology adaptation for the uplifting of the less advantaged in our society. In this regard, we seek to pursue the ideals of training and retraining of the technologically ill-equipped and financially incapacitated, to enable them fit into today's world and become assets instead of liabilities.

Global Peace Missions, Incorporated is planning a $500,000 multi-purpose community center in Raleigh, North Carolina to serve low-income members of the surrounding communities. The GPMI Community Center Membership registration will require paycheck proof of low income and will be free for the first year. Subsequently, the membership fee will be very low. Your kind donation is solicited. No amount is too small. No amount is too big. You can donate by mailing your check to our address or follow the online link below to donate.

If you are using a check, money order, or cashier's check, please download and print this Donation Form to accompany your check and mail your donation to the address below:

Global Peace Missions, Inc.

3607 Buffaloe Road

Raleigh, NC 27604

Attention: Grace Freds

We thank you for your kind support so far. Your involvement has yielded positive results in the lives of our community members. Also, please, contribute your ideas as to how we can better serve our community with your donation.

Yours Sincerely

Grace Freds, Ph.D.

(Executive Director

Lillian McNeill, MTL

(Charitable Support Coordinator

Agatha Odo, B.Sc.

(Africa Charities Coordinator

Global Peace Missions, Inc