Financial Planning

Tax-Exempt - EIN: 94-3403302

We are a community-oriented non-profit organization with Federal Tax-exempt status granted. Our programs are multi-faceted, but our main focus is technology adaptation for the uplifting of the less advantaged in our society. In this regard, we seek to pursue the ideals of training and retraining of the technologically ill-equipped and financially incapacitated, to enable them fit into today's world and become assets instead of liabilities.

As a result of the dynamics of the global economy, we have embarked on an abridged workshop in PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING within North Carolina area. This will enable us to work with individuals and families that need professional help to organize their finances. This free help is expected to take place at a public location where members of the public can have easy access. We are, therefore, asking you to donate your business place for four hours on an agreed Saturday. Our volunteers will come in and receive individuals that would need this free help.

The Financial Planning Workshop is expected to take place on a Saturday, beginning 3:00 p.m. and ending 5:00 p.m. We would spend about 10 minutes with each person that attends. That ten-minute session will be used to reorganize the individual's financial direction, and the person would be left with specific directives.

Please call or write to us with a definite indication of interest in our using your location for this community outreach. We need, at least, six weeks notice for scheduling and effective publicity.

Yours sincerely

Grace Freds, PhD.

Executive Director

Global Peace Missions, Inc