International Programs

There are displaced families around the world. However, charity begins at home. Displaced families at home in the United States receive due attention, especially if they are able to submit to recovery programs already designed. Children, in particular, need to be protected in order for them to grow under the right influences. The existing projects ensure that they are exposed to customized playgroups in order to accomplish identified objectives. The unemployed or low-income members of our communities are guided and helped to acquire essential skills on a one-on-one basis to ensure a mentoring process that produces confidence in the individuals. This way, they are able to pursue identifiable goals. Under this circumstance, they are also helped along the way. Finance and Budget needs of individuals and families are taken seriously. Accepted individuals are put through budgeting and taught to use the tools for their weekly or monthly personal financial planning. The main tool for this program is Microsoft Excel. For those with acute need, like loss of their homes, cars, etc., after they have complied with program requirements, and there is evidence that they are following through, a program is put in place to help them recover their homes, cars and any essential tools for their daily living, or put them in safe accommodations, to enable them complete their recovery programs.

Below are some of the existing programs:

Global Peace Missions, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Please feel free to donate any spare resources you have. To identify what we need, please visit our main page, and scroll down to Community Living International. We will accept personal computers for training of the unskilled, cellular phones for some at-risk programs, clothes for the naked, scholarships for the indigent population that we serve, cash donations to enable us continue serving the communities.

To get on the program with Community Living International, or to make your tax-deductible donations, please contact Global Peace Missions

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