Global Peace Missions, Inc.

(Federal Tax-Exempt Non-profit Organization)

Lillian McNeill
(Charitable Support Coordinator)

Musical Instruments

We are accepting new, used, malfunctioning musical instruments for middle and high school students in Africa. Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass. Kindly support us.


Many African children lack books to stimulate their minds and build their IQ. Only a very low percentage of the children have access to such resources. We are constantly in need of books for this purpose. Kindly support us.

Other Necessities

We are accepting regular daily necessities for children of Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. Many of those items your school-age children take for granted are important to the children we are soliciting for. Kindly support us.


The items we receive are loaded on to containers and shipped across the ocean to distribute under the supervision of our Charities Coordinator. All donations are tax-deductible. Volunteer hours are also acknowledged in writing as credit hours. Cash donations will be used strictly to pay for shipment and any other tasks for which we do not find volunteers. Please donate to us.


Support Opportunities


You are encouraged to give towards these life-changing programs.


You are encouraged to find out what is available for the alleviating of needs.


You are encouraged to volunteer your time and talent so we can serve better.


You are encouraged to inform us of any opportunities that we can use to help.

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Community Empowerment and Support

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Community OutReach Assistance Services (CORA’S)

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Eclipse Ventures, Inc. donates processing Services to Global Peace Missions, Inc.

Agatha Odo
(Africa Charities Coordinator)


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