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Multi-Purpose Learning Center



We are a community-oriented non-profit organization with Federal Tax-exempt status granted. Our programs are multi-faceted, but our main focus is technology adaptation for the uplifting of the less advantaged in our society. In this regard, we seek to pursue the ideals of training and retraining of the technologically ill-equipped and financially incapacitated, to enable them fit into today’s world and become assets instead of liabilities.

Our multi-purpose learning center is a place where all members of our community may freely learn basic lessons in living, succeeding, and contributing to uplift our immediate community as well as the wider society. We want to help members of our community to go beyond mere existence into living out their full potentials socially, economically, spiritually, professionally, and politically. Our Learning Center Associates deliver lectures, workshops, seminars at regular intervals to close knowledge gaps that we notice in our community.

Dr. Josephine Emmanuel Oparaocha

Dr. Chima Nwosu

Barrister Anthony Anozia

Dr. Louisa Ukochovwera




The Multi-purpose Learning Center is open daily.
Individuals are able to request one-on-one sessions with the Center or with the MLC Associates.
Please send your email requests to or call or text (919) 264-7882.

Welcome to Multi-purpose Learning Center

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