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Global Peace Missions, Inc.

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Global Peace Missions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that addresses the personal progress and development of individuals and communities across the globe. It penetrates local communities where the people lack the essentials of daily living, with a view to alleviating some of those problems.

We help grassroots people that have challenges in career, livelihood, family, profession, skills and personal finances.  Financial planning, debt elimination programs, skills impartation, family support and performance arts exposure are some of the areas in which we build strong communities wherever we find the need and are opportuned to help.

We seek to provide an enabling environment for information technology, in order to put such communities in touch with the rest of the world.

We seek to participate in mediation between countries that have rifts. These are usually from the angle of the predicament of the less privileged population of those peoples.

We seek to be on peace missions in collaboration with other world-wide bodies with similar calling. War-torn places need a break, and we are there at the negotiating table with the parties.

We seek to attend meetings in which the peace of the world and its countries are discussed in order to present the point of view of the people that are ruled in those countries rather than those of the rulers. In doing this, we are involved completing the factors of real peace.

We seek to foster community living in different ailing communities by putting in place an order in which volunteers or otherwise serve as facilitators, helping to execute tailor-made programs for those particular places. These normally include small business incubators, communication centers, battered women and children shelters, itinerant health clinics, cultural exhibitions, and entrepreneur workshops for visionary individuals in those local communities.

We seek to receive abundant food supplies and ship such to the hungry communities of the world, in order to wipe out hunger. In doing this, we develop and deploy centralized warehouses and distribution centers in different rural places of the world.

We develop diverse campaign materials to bring home to everybody a message of global peace, peace with neighboring countries, states, regions and local communities.

We use the cultures of the ailing local communities to help them. These include identifiable community-essential plants, colors, languages, local religion and themes that those people identify with.

We campaign against hostile environment and participate in Ozone Layer depletion awareness workshops. In doing this, we will also seek to support tree planting campaigns and anti-erosion efforts where they are necessary.

We engage in international negotiations where cultures stand in the way of negotiation progress. In doing this, we will help to identify cultural aspects that will make, instead of mar, negotiations between nations, between communities and even corporations wishing to enter such communities for business purposes, knowing that such developments will help to elevate the living standards of such peoples.

Global Peace Missions, Inc. is not limited to the above activities. It seeks to carry out any activities that will enhance its chances of performing the above functions creditably. Those include infrastructure and pre-activity campaigns.

Our projects are based on identified needs of subject communities or countries. In some cases, governments of subjects get involved in the projects, using the expertise available at Global Peace Missions, Inc. especially if our organization’s resources are not enough for us to single-handedly to carry out such projects.

While the organization does not go about soliciting funding, charity-minded individuals and corporations that whole-heartedly identify with the activities of our organization will not be turned down if they intend to make donations towards our projects.

To enable the organization help as many communities and individuals as we are faced daily, we need the following items: temporary office spaces for training, used vehicles, telephone handsets, fax machines, desktop and laptop computers, office stationery, office furniture, etc. These are normally given out to individuals that go through orientation programs conducted by our local arm called Community Living International.


Global Peace Missions, Inc. is establishing partnerships with other organizations of like mind as well as with the business community.   These partnerships are a platform for the mutual strengthening of less privileged communities.  This organization vehemently pursues the training of youth in the affected communities.  Some of these youngsters are expected to become facilitators to extend and consolidate the gains of the programs.

Companies are welcome to indicate their interest in becoming partners with Global Peace Missions, Inc. in lifting up our communities.


We call on public corporations, individuals and private organizations to make tax-deductible donations to Global Peace Missions, Inc. towards our projects.  We do not pay salaries to our volunteers, but we have to pay for space, stationery, light and other essential utilities.  Your tax-deductible donations will go a long way in ensuring that indigent members of our community that are technologically challenged can be helped without strings attached.  This will greatly elevate the community's economic viability.

Make out your tax-deductible donation checks to Global Peace Missions, Inc., and mail them to P. O. Box 40916, Raleigh, NC 27629.  Attention:   Grace Freds (Executive Director)


Global Peace Missions, Inc. 2002.


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Welcome to

Community Living International!

(An Arm of Global Peace Missions, Inc.)

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Community Living International is an arm of Global Peace Missions, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of opportunities for the less privileged to survive, and then excel, in various communities of the world.

We are dedicated to the uplifting of the down-trodden as well as those that cannot help themselves. These include children of K-12 levels, deprived men and women as well as the low-income groups. We operate in communities identified by our parent body, and we limit our activities to such specific communities.

We are dedicated to teaching them and nuturing their aspirations to fit into today's society through the acquisition and use of technology. In addition to that, we are dedicated to impart to them the knowledge of today's English Grammar requirements by teaching them Tenses, Verbs, First, Second, and Third person Singular and Plural.

These things make a great difference while walking the corridors of corporate America.

We facilitate their training in the following areas:
Use of the computer;
Piano and Organ skills;
Computer Keyboard skills/Typing;
Good Handwriting;
Writing Business Letters;
Story Writing;
Secretarial skills;
People skills;
Isaac Pitman Shorthand Writing;
Leadership skills;
Office Practice (Admin Assistants Training)

We also provide help in the following areas:
Repair of Computers
Individual E-mail addresses;
Typing of manuscripts of stories;
Working on Theses and Dissertation;
Research in various subjects;
Designing Web Pages;

Contact Us

And Let Us Know How We May Assist Your Community

We can come into your subdivision and work with your Home Owners Association to uplift your community, and Project Communities also.


Community Living International 2003.


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Global Peace Missions, Inc.


There are displaced families around the world. However, charity begins at home. Displaced families at home in the United States receive due attention, especially if they are able to submit to recovery programs already designed.

Children, in particular, need to be protected in order for them to grow under the right influences. The existing projects ensure that they are exposed to customized playgroups in order to accomplish identified objectives.

The unemployed or low-income members of our communities are guided and helped to acquire essential skills on a one-on-one basis to ensure a mentoring process that produces confidence in the individuals. This way, they are able to pursue identifiable goals. Under this circumstance, they are also helped along the way.

Finance and Budget needs of individuals and families are taken seriously. Accepted individuals are put through budgeting and taught to use the tools for their weekly or monthly personal financial planning. The main tool for this program is Microsoft Excel. For those with acute need, like loss of their homes, cars, etc., after they have complied with program requirements, and there is evidence that they are following through, a program is put in place to help them recover their homes, cars and any essential tools for their daily living, or put them in safe accommodations, to enable them complete their recovery programs.

Global Peace Missions, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Please feel free to donate any spare resources you have. To identify what we need, please visit our main page, and scroll down to Community Living International. We will accept personal computers for training of the unskilled, cellular phones for some at-risk programs, clothes for the naked, scholarships for the indigent population that we serve, cash donations to enable us continue serving the communities.


To get on the program with Community Living International, or to make your tax-deductible donations, please contact Global Peace Missions