Volunteers Needed!

If you have any of these skills or training, and can volunteer your time, this is the time to do so. A lot of talk is going on about rebuilding dilapidated structures across communities. We would like to use volunteer help to rebuild the home front even as the rebuilding of small international communities is going on. Many people on the home front are volunteering. You too can volunteer. Many members of our communities do not have the skills or have no money to fix their water cisterns, their door handles, their furniture, sinks, windows, electrical and other dwelling place problems.

Please sign up as a volunteer at 3607 Buffaloe Road, Raleigh (off Capital Boulevard, and about half-mile from CVS Pharmacy). You may also volunteer by sending an email (see email address below).

The following volunteers are needed:





Computer Operators



Business Teacher

Ask to speak to the Executive Director when you arrive to sign up

Global Peace Missions, Inc