Cherrish Cooperative Society Limited

Tax-Exempt Number: 8816

Phone: (813) 343-4474

We are a cooperative society, which means, we are a non-governmental organization serving to harness the communal energy among our membership in order to move our community forward.

Our interest lies in using all possible tools to meet the needs of our communities through the representative power of our members. Any help from different parties will translate in development in our communities. The success of our cooperative society is ascribable to the collaborations engendered by the multiple memoranda of understanding powering our cooperative society.

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Our Director is Emem Etete. She has contributed to the changing of lives across our society,
and numerous downtrodden and disadvantaged individuals have become beneficiaries of her benevolence.
We want to welcome you to our coopeative society where you too can join to make a difference
in the lives of several people..., one person at a time.

Individuals are able to schedule counseling sessions with the Center
or through Global Peace Missions, Incorporated, USA.
Please email your requests to
or call or text (813) 343-4474.

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With your cooperation, we will achieve more. collaboration with...

Global Peace Missions, Inc.